Development of innovative technologies

Present industry situation dictates rather strict rules: only those companies, which have more efficient oil production and processing, oil products production with innovative characteristics, can count for success in this competition. It is not possible without technological tools, which became one of DrilLife Group priorities.

Innovative technologies are the most important tools for strategic goals achievement in oil and gas industry. Revolutionin exploration of unconventional hydrocarbons became possible due to multi-year, well-coordinated at the state level efforts in technological development.

Today, new technologies help oil and gas companies to develophard-to-recover reserves and to cover new production regions, to improve operational efficiency, to maintain stability even in unfavorable pricing environment and to access resources in exchange for technological expertise.

The main goal of DrilLife Group innovative development till 2025 is to overcome technological challenges that hinder the achievement of the company strategic goals and to ensure the company’s leadership in the field of enhanced oil recovery in mature fields, development of unconventional resources, and development and production of oil refining catalysts.

In the course of implementation of Innovative Development Program the company has achieved considerable successes in production of technologies and improvement of management efficiency: