DRILLIFE GS – is an international innovative engineering and geophysical company that is included in the DRILLIFE GROUP and provides services for high-quality seismic exploration of 2D, 3D and 4D configurations in any geological and climate conditions, both on land and on the shelf. Seismic exploration work is performed with two types of sources of seismic signal excitation (vibrational or pulse-electromagnetic) and involve a full range of geological exploration, including processing and interpretation of seismic data with recommendations for exploration drilling.

We use the latest developments and achievements in the field of seismic exploration, which allows us to carry out a full cycle of exploration work and quickly find oil and gas deposits with high efficiency in the shortest possible time. The use of new technologies significantly reduces the cost of further geological surveys while increasing their efficiency.

The company owns an innovative technology for 2D, 3D and 3C, 4D seismic surveys based on pulsed electromagnetic sources. This technology does not involve any expensive blasting operations and provides high-quality research materials in the shortest possible time under any conditions, while observing all environmental standards.

Seismic Technologies: