Empowerment of employees

Employees become a «person+», if they have new technological capabilities combined with their own skills and experience.

Today’s employees can use the latest technologies to rethink their current roles and find new, innovative ways to change and succeed in the post-digital era. The problem is that companies are still recruiting, hiring, and managing staff in the same way as in previous years. It is necessary to create a culture of continuous learning in the workplace for achieving success in the new era.

«Person+» is rapidly changing positions and organizations, outstripping the speed of traditional recruitment, and the current level of investment in training and retraining does not solve the problems associated with increased employee mobility. It is necessary to rethink the methods of hiring and training staff and learn to implement approaches that match better with the flexibility of «people+» in order to keep up with the times. For example, searching for hidden talents of existing staff and ensuring optimal distribution of them to new positions. Knowledge and skills are distributed faster in view of the increasing mobility of employees, that’s why DrilLife Group adapts technology strategies in such a way that knowledge management corresponds to the era of «people+».

Top managers of DrilLife Group recognize that in the fight for qualified personnel, the most important thing is not who a people is at the start, but how far they can go. Turning employees into «people+» has expanded the capabilities of staff more than the company’s management could have imagined just a few years ago. This is one of the biggest victories of the digital transformation era. DrilLife Group can rely on employees who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills to implement innovations on a large scale.