Employee health

Employees health is the most important resource of our company.

DrilLife Group considers healthcare management as one of the most important methods used by the HR Department to minimize the company’s costs and encourage employees.

Experts have made calculations as a result of which it turned out that a sick employee costs the business much more than providing good working conditions. A properly organized health management of employees allows DrilLife Group to reduce illness by 50%, the number of days of disability by 30%, improve detection of chronic diseases by 10 – 15% and, as a result, to reduce the average duration of temporary disability by 30%.

Healthcare management is a full-fledged corporate system in our company, and also it is an independent division with a wide range of functions. And this is not only the function of daily monitoring of the employee’s health, not only monitoring and periodic prevention, it is a kind of risk assessment and planning service.

Healthcare management includes additional health insurance, financing for corporate psychologists and fitness counseling, workout in the gym, stress management programs and much more.

At DrilLife Group company departments, the most urgent medical care is provided directly at the workplace, mainly in case of an employee’s industrial injury or in connection with the need to prevent an occupational disease.

For this purpose, company has created a special medical Emergency Department. This division, specializing in primary health care, works closely with the occupational safety and health service, especially in the prevention of occupational injuries.

However, DrilLife Group employees get the most of the necessary medical care in specialized institutions, by compensating for the costs caused by the consumption of medical services. We pay for «Private» health insurance programs.