In 2000-2008 the pace of economic development in most countries of the world has accelerated significantly. The average annual GDP growth rate during this period was 4%, which was the highest in the last four decades. The rapid development of the industrial complex in key developing countries has led to an accelerated growth in demand for basic energy resources. Moreover, if before the early 2000s a significant part of the growing demand for energy resources in developing countries was provided by increasing domestic coal production (primarily in China and India), then from 1999-2000 the growth rates of oil and gas consumption increased significantly. The growth in demand was primarily due to the expansion of the vehicle fleet, the development of the petrochemical industry, an increase in gas consumption in the electric power industry, etc.

As a result, the average growth rate of oil consumption in 2000-2008 in developing countries accounted for 3.2%. Despite a 0.1% decline in oil consumption in developed countries over this period, global oil consumption increased by 11.9%.

The crisis has led to a serious reduction in the volume of work, average the number of drilling rigs in operation has decreased to the level of 2002-2003. However, since mid-2009, there has been a gradual recovery in activity, which is associated with an improvement in the situation on the world oil market and revision of investment plans by a number of oil and gas companies upward.