11 November, 2023

South Sudan is looking for investors in Russia to build an oil pipeline.

Next year, under favorable conditions, Russia may begin construction of an oil pipeline in South Sudan.

He explained the need for such an oil pipeline by the unstable political situation in neighboring Sudan, through whose territory there is an existing pipeline to Port Sudan. Due to these risks, South Sudan is in need of alternative oil export routes.

The new pipeline is planned to be built through the territories of Ethiopia and Djibouti to the shore of the Gulf of Aden. The construction will be handled by the Russian United Metallurgical Company, work may begin next year, preliminary surveys have already been carried out.

At the first stage, work will be carried out to connect two existing pipeline lines, which will require 320 kilometers of pipes. At this stage, the government of the African country is actively looking for investors to implement the project, including in Russia. The new pipeline, according to the ambassador, can allow the delivery of oil to neighboring countries, in particular to Kenya.