Тechnologies Geological exploration technology and reserve replacement

One of the priority areas of DrilLife Group Technological Strategy is development of new geological exploration technologies.

Some of the challenges faced by the Company are: simulation of complex oil and gas basins, accuracy and efficiency increase of oil and gas presence prediction based on previous seismic survey data and improvement of exploration well research efficiency.

Specialists of Research and Development Center work on projects to improve geological survey processes at different levels – from the formation and deposits to the regional scale and simulation of complex oil and gas basins located on the territory of several regions.

Continuous improvement of technological projects will help to increase the Company’s competence in reserve replacement in complex pools, to reach growth of the extracted reserves and reduce capital costs of subsequent drilling.

As a part of this work DrilLife Group implements raypath modeling technology for seismic survey. This special software based on previous regional seismic surveys develops an optimal layout for pressure wave source pattern and recording facilities.